Microgaming Poker Network Rolling Out SNG Changes

March 09, 2016 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Network

Microgaming is one of the oldest gambling software developers and operators. It has started out as a developer slash operator in the mid-1990s, later giving up its own casino business, focusing on developing new games and exploring new grounds in the industry. Today Microgaming offers hundreds of games you can play at Red Flush online casino Canada, but also a poker network called MPN (Microgaming Poker Network). Microgaming has launched MPN back in 2003. It is the leading provider of casino-in-poker content to its players, and offers a market-leading achievements system, mini games and has all poker variants one can imagine.

Microgaming has announced changes to its Sit-n-Go games to be implemented at the end of February – namely on the 29th, as this year is a leap year. This update to the SNG games comes after the rest of poker games underwent standardization two years ago. SNGs weren’t updated then, and they ended up being inconsistent with the scheduled tournament. Here are the changes that will be implemented this month:

* Regular and Turbo SNGs will now have 2,000 starting chips (was 1,500). Super Turbo SNGs will still have 500 starting chips.

In Turbo tournaments:

* You will now have 18 seconds to act instead of 15
* You will get 30 seconds time bank instead of 15
* Levels will be 6 minutes long instead of 5

In Super Turbo tournaments:

* You will now have 18 seconds to act instead of 15
* You will get 15 seconds time bank instead of 10
* Levels will be 3 minutes long instead of 2

Microgaming has also announced that, in spite of similar decisions taken by a series of poker operators, it won’t eliminate Double Up SNGs from its offer. Instead, it will raise the fees on these games, and introduce antes to their betting structure. This will make the game more interesting. Besides, this decision has been called a “phase-out pricing”, hopefully discouraging new players from playing Double-Up – it is likely that the operator is willing to slowly drop this type of games from its offer.

Finally, about the fees. MPN has recently revised rake in cash games, with a positive effect. Now it plans to make similar changed to its SNGs. The MPN currently charges 10% for all types of Sit-n-Go games, including Heads-up, which is among the highest in the industry. Now, in most games – especially faster formats like Turbo and Heads-Up – the fees will be decreasing. This will lead to an increase in other areas, but the structure will be improved overall. And the number of SNGs in the lobby will also increase, making it easier for players to register.

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