3 Highly-Efficient Strategies To Play Slots

March 19, 2016 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Slot Game

Slot machines are usually the loudest attraction in a casino, generating about 70% of the industry’s revenue. Winning is not easy, that’s why we’ve prepared some highly-efficient strategies for you to win more and play longer.


  1. Be Smart with the Money


  • Research online slot payouts. The same goes for land-based casinos. There are many websites out there that’ll tell you the payout peecentages of various slot games. The casinos never divulge this detail to the average gambler, yet insiders who have access to this information sometimes publish it online. Percentages usually range between 80 and 99 percent, and yes, the slot payout percentage can be a dealbreaker.

This is one of the best pieces of advice you can get when it comes to slot games. Choose those with the highest percentage of pay out.

  • Set a limit. Before starting to gamble, set a limit for your losses. Be prepared for that loss and do not fall into the trap of borrowing money to gamble or taking cash from the rent. In case that you are winning, stop as soon as possible when you’ve doubled your initial amount.
  • Split your bankroll. If you plan to gamble for three days in a row, figure out what is your exact budget and split it in three. Don’t waste everything the first evening, as you’ll be asking for more money. You don’t want trouble. For instance, if you have a $900 bankroll for three days (maybe a visit to Vegas or just a night out on the internet). This will allow you to wager $300 every day. If you plan to ganble a total of 2 hours a day, then you can lose $150 per hour.
  • Pocket the winnings. Always gamble only the money from the initial bankroll.


  1. Use a Strategy


  • Find slot games with small jackpots. Do your research. If the slot game has a higher jackpot, then you’ll need more time to reach it. The risk of losing money increases.
  • Play high deonominations. Know that penny slots pay small. Nickel ones play more, followed by quarter and dollar machines. If you’re playing online, go for high denominations.
  • Play maximum credits. There are plenty of slot games out there (especially progressive ones) that only pay different bonuses when the max credits are bet.


  1. Understand Your Slot Game


  • Learn all about payout percentages, bonuses offered, jackpot, symbols, unique features, and more. Pick your slot.
  • Know that there is not much difference between the payout offered by video slots and reel-spining ones (when denomination is the same), since they are both controlled by RNG
  • Choose between a slot with fixed or progressive jackpot. Their dynamics are different and can influence your chances of winning big.
  • In case that you want a deeper view on the game, read some user insights on the web. It helps much to understand strategies other gamblers use for the same game you are trying to beat.

Do your best. Do your research. You CAN play slots efficiently.

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