Various Types of Online Casino Games

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The online casino is similar to any other land based casino. The games played are the same and the rules for these games are same as well. Online casino provides an added advantage to its players as it saves their travelling expense. Moreover the fun to you get by playing at your own comfort is incomparable. The online casinos have latest gaming technology software that builds up the entire casino games. These games are played similarly and the feeling and fun you get are the same.

Types of casino games-

There are basically 3 broad categories of casino games –

Slot games

Table games

Number games


The way these games are played is further categorised in 2 types-

Download based

Web based

Web based games – These are those games that allow players to sign up via a website and play the casino games in the browser. You only need to download the required plugins that will run these games and you are all set to play.

Download based- These types of casino games are those that require you to download the casino games package. After these games are installed, they will connect you directly with the casino. You don’t have to open the browser or download any other software.

The most commonly played casino games are:

Slots- These are the landmark games of any casino. The way these games are played is similar to the way it is played in land based casino. Only difference is that you need to click the casino button rather than pulling the lever. This game is based on the random number generator technique so the outcome of the game is every time a unique result.

Blackjack – This is a card game where the player has to make a total of 21 before the dealer in order to win. Pontoon and European Blackjack brings a little variation to the original game.

Keno – This is a lottery game in which the player guesses the numbers that might appear on the screen and check for the match.

Poker slots – A mix of video poker and slots. It was originated in Persia and played worldwide.

Roulette – This is a game of chance where the player has to guess the number on which the ball will land in the wheel.

บาคาร่า – A game of card where the player chooses to bet as tie, banker or player.

Craps- A dice game where the player bets on the roll.


Most of the online casinos offer you the bonuses and free game play. This offer is not available in land based casino. If you are new at playing the casino games, then you must try the free version so you can learn without losing a penny.

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